The Super Great Adventure is the personal blog of Mike & Jenni and our three boys nicknamed Bo, Rooster, and Bird. We are born-again Christians, and you will find that our posts are written from that worldview.

Mostly a family journal, The Super Great Adventure records our adventures and activities at home and away – in homeschool, in daily life, on field trips, with friends, and in the ministry. The logs of our adventures may be written by any one of the members of our family, including the children. The author's name is at the top of each post.

Writing is an area which the boys are still growing in, so we appreciate your encouraging comments and support shown towards their posts.

Other topics addressed by Jenni may include baking, cooking, canning, whole foods, allergen-free cooking, children’s crafts, motherhood, teaching methods, Charlotte Mason homeschooling, learning disorders, habit training, and general homeschool experience and tips. She separately addresses the spiritual lives of women, spiritual challenges wives and mothers face, and those deeper sort of issues at her personal blog

We tend to get very excited about books, curricula, recipes, locations, and other items and experiences we have found beneficial – and we are eager to recommend them. You’ll find regular recommendations for various things – and buttons and links to websites and blogs we have found beneficial.

Thus far we have never been offered nor have we requested or accepted any free samples of items to review or recommend, and all reviews and recommendations are based on our personal experience through our own purchase, use, or interaction with the item or place recommended. We’re not opposed to accepting items for review, though we don’t anticipate this informal blog growing to the point that such items would be offered. So unless you hear otherwise, you may assume that our method of recommendation is as described above. If this changes in the future, we’ll let you know. 

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