Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bird's Favorite Photos Today

One of the best presents I have from Christmas is a digital camera. I use it a lot, and I like it so much. I like to take funny pictures and beautiful pictures. I thought you might like to see some of them.

This is my dad's truck. He's gonna fix it up to be our garbage truck. I think it's cool because it's old and rusty and I like the way rusty stuff looks. When we got it, it was full of snake skins! My mom is scared to drive it because there's holes in the seats and she thinks a snake might still be in there!

Look how rusty that is! I like rusty stuff like that. I think it looks pretty cool.

For this one I was playing with the features on my camera and made 3 pictures hooked up. I think that really did turn out pretty neat!

And this is one of the ones that I made with 2 pictures hooked - of my brother's foot.

These two pictures are very cool because they are pictures of my pet caterpillar. Her name is Lilly. I found her yesterday on the driveway, and I made her a nice home. She is cute and she is a little bit afraid when you touch her. So she's a scaredy-cat. Maybe I will get to see her turn into a butterfly.

This is when my brother took a picture of me while he was sitting down. I almost look like I'm 10 years old or something! So that's why I don't really like my brothers taking pictures or videos on my camera.


  1. Those are some great pictures Caleb!! Maybe you can help me fix up my old rusty truck so that it will not be rusty any more.

  2. Bird, tell your brother "Thanks a LOT" from me, because now I can imagine what you will look like when you are a TEENAGER and I am not ready for you to look that old yet! :-P

    Very nice pictures, though! I especially like the ones you took of Lilly. I know it was hard to get a good shot that didn't turn out blurry, but you kept trying. Aren't you glad you did? The pictures turned out so nice!

  3. Caleb, I really liked all the pictures you took. You know what? I like rusty things too.
    You do look a lot older in the picture your brother took.
    Lilly is pretty. What did you do with the snake skins that were in your dad's truck? I used to have a snake skin collection, I like how a snake crawl out of it's skin. I wonder how that feels.