Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Jesse Tree

a post by Rooster

Today we made ornaments for our Jesse tree. A Jesse tree is a Christmas tree that you hang one special ornament on each day. You start on December 1st and finish on Christmas. Each ornament stands for an important part of the history in the Bible coming up to when Jesus was born. I wanted to show you pictures of the ornaments that we made.


  1. I love the picture of your son holding the cross. (He looks all frieked out in a funny way.) Your homemade ornaments actually look good! I would like so badly to do a Jesse tree one of these years.

  2. Thank you...I think my son was imitating a mad scientist at that point =)

    This is the first year we've done a Jesse tree, and I think it has been very meaningful for all of us. I used the devotional & ornament list by the Friedmans posted on the Homeschool Channel website.

    We had to make adjustments to the ornaments based on the supplies we had on hand, and we substituted our own catechisms in the devotional. It was definitely worth an afternoon of crafting! =)