Monday, December 20, 2010

The story behind Operation Waterhole

I realized after mentioning Operation Waterhole the other day, that the events leading up to this mission were posted only on Facebook and not on the blog. So, I am going to attempt to catch you up to date, without blowing my cover. Hmmm...maybe I can ban the boys from the blog for the rest of the week...

Anyway, here is the story:

Once upon a time, there was a little Red-Eared Slider turtle. He was only a couple inches long, when he was brought to the apartment of my cousin & her roommate when they were in college. They named the little fellow Plato. 

Plato grew in strength & stature, and was happy in his little home. Then one day his beautiful owners gave him away to my grandmother. 

Although startled initially by Granny's little dog and his new surroundings, Plato settled in to his new home. He enjoyed basking in the sunlight during the time of day it shone through the back door. He even enjoyed watching the dog play with his enormous basket of toys. 

It wasn't meant to last forever, though. One cold winter day Granny brought a little boy into her house. Within a short time, that little boy was running to find his mother and announce that Granny had given him a turtle to take home for his very own. Plato learned that the boy was called Rooster. 

A few days later, Rooster came back with his parents and moved Plato and his aquarium to their house. At first Plato was scared of Rooster and the other two boys who were always peering into the aquarium. He tried to escape several times, which wasn't difficult because the screen on the aquarium lid was torn. 

On one of these attempts he succeeded. While the family was gone he ran headlong across the carpet and rolled down the entire flight of stairs. Then he darted into the Master bedroom and ducked under a dresser. He hid there for over a week, snickering to himself every time he heard the family searching for him. At night he would crawl around the Master bedroom, making creepy noises in order to scare Rooster's mother. 

One day, 10 days after his escape, he crawled under some clothing that had been left on the floor near the heating duct. He was beginning to feel dry and thirsty, but the vent kept him warm. Then, abruptly, the clothing was lifted from over him and a shrill scream filled his ears. The cold air made Plato shudder, and he hissed loudly in protest. 

Rooster came and gently lifted him from the floor. Plato sighed with relief as he was slowly placed into the warm water in his aquarium home. He began to think that maybe it was better than he had first thought. 

Plato is a family celebrity. He received Christmas cards from relatives this year - even one from Granny. Grandpa Bob even gave the boys a decorative lamp that looks just like him. He is the first one that people go see after greeting Rooster and his family. But life isn't perfect, even for a celebrity. 

Plato has continued to grow, and his shell now measures about 7 inches long. His tank is too small for him to really swim and exercise in. He can still bask under his heat lamp, but dreams of being able to swim again. Rooster and his family have been looking for a better home for him. Aquariums are expensive, though, so Rooster and his brothers have begun to fear that Plato will never have a new home...

That is when Nana proposed Operation Waterhole.

to be continued...

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  1. Yay! I can hardly wait for the "rest of the story!"