Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 Lessons of the Week

I think we all need reminders from time to time. Reminders of what's important, of our commitments, of where we're headed...of where we set our coffee for the 5th time today, of why we made that rule in the first place... 
I didn't begin the week intending to be reminded of anything, yet the week reminded me of a few things & realigned my perspective once again.

Maybe I'm the only homeschool mom struggling to get back "with it" after the holidays this year? We did some school this week, but I was still buried in messes, and unprepared for our 3rd Quarter. I requested that my husband take the boys away for a few days, as he traditionally does about twice a year. When we discussed it, we were both thinking a few weeks or longer down the road. Well, they left 48 hours later. My husband even Facebooked that I'd "kicked them out." Hee-Hee!

I jotted down a quick to-do list. You know, everything I could just jot down off the top of my head. The kind you'd put on a post it note or two. Yeah. It fills 2 columns on a sheet of notebook paper. Not to be dismayed, I scribbled a star beside the most important and most pressing, and set to work. I've spent the last 36 hours or so (minus a few for sleeping!) sorting, cleaning, scrubbing, planning, preparing, cooking ahead, putting away, and problem solving. Amazingly, I still have about 36 hours left to go! Judging by the items crossed off, I'm not even halfway there. However, the longest-put-off and most burdensome items are almost accomplished, and by the time the gang rolls in I'll be ready for the week ahead, and more than ready to see them!

While taking an evening coffee break, it occurred to me just how much I'd learned today. Or rather, just how many things I'd forgotten or taken for granted which I was reminded of today. I thought it would be fun to share a few with you. So without further adieu, here are the top 10 lessons of the week:

10.) Silly bands are almost as bothersome as Legos, although they don't hurt when you step on them and they do look pretty wrapped around the brush in the vacuum cleaner.

9.) Those little plastic BB's that are used with Air Soft guns can actually shoot back out of the vacuum at you. Seriously. Ouch!

8.) It feels really, really good to clean a room, leave it for several hours, and return to see it in the same state it was in when you left it. I just want to experience that occasionally. 

Honestly though, the rest of the time I prefer organized chaos. It means that people I love are here! 

(I put up these "clean" photos especially for Aunt Jessica!)

7.) Sometimes it's actually better to go with your gut and do the OPPOSITE of what the software diagram is telling you when loading paper into the printer for manual two-sided printing (It's also a good idea to test this out on 1 page first, before sending 50 pages to the print cue). 

6.) All that stuff I keep in the attic because we "might use it for something someday" IS actually a great resource when I remember that it's there.

5.) I don't have to use an item from #6 as it was intended to be used. I can use it however it's useful to me! Today's case in point: Pot lid rack bought at a yard sale that was too tall for my cabinets - turned into a closet rack for clip-on ties and ball caps!

4.) My copy of "Laying Down the Rails" is best kept in plain view, rather than under a mountain of unclipped coupons. I still have a LOT more habit training to do (with the kids and with myself!!).

3.) It really is okay if everything is not perfectly caught up. Life will go on. What fun is "perfectly caught up" for any amount of time, anyway? That's no adventure at all!  

2.) Homeschooling has made me very attached to my kids. Although thankful for this opportunity for productivity, I've been missing them like crazy all day! (I am so, so HAPPY that I feel this way! I'm ashamed to say that there was a time that I viewed them more as an inconvenience & headache than as a blessing. Praise God for changing hearts & lives!)

1.) My husband is amazing! He's an amazing father, and an amazing spouse. He lays himself aside for us in so many ways. He actually seems to enjoy being with us. He's a leader we are glad to follow. I love him more every day! (and I still can't believe he picked me!) 

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