Sunday, May 8, 2011

2 Months? No, It couldn't be.

Wow! Um, it's May...and the last time we posted was in March. Although the boys and I have had several articles in the works for a while, I have to admit that blogging has been shoved to the back burner.

We've had plenty going on, that's for certain. It's just been so busy that I've only had time for a Facebook blurb here or there, rather than time to really put down the whole story. From impromptu field trips to garden work, outreach to exploration, training to projects - it's really too much to briefly sum up. Hopefully you can also relate to the fact that in real life many, many things take precedence over the blogosphere.

So, I think the thing to do is start where we're at and move forward. As we can, we'll fill you in on the most notable events of the last 2 months. Aside from that, we'll just start keeping you up to date on what's happening now as we plow forward towards summer.

On the agenda? This month we have family coming into town, more outreach opportunities, the end of the "school year," perfecting of portfolios, and preparation for our harvest of June-bearing strawberries and jam-making. I'll post a how-to for the fun Mothers Day gifts my husband helped the children in Children's Church make today (I can't post them yet - one mom hasn't received hers!). We'll have to see just where else God takes us in the adventure!

God bless you! Have a blessed and relaxing Mother's Day!

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