Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Big Boy is a - Firecracker!

Bo, all checked in with his number before his first 5K race
Bo ran his first "official" 5K race this past weekend! 

He has been running almost every day for a couple years now, and has wanted to run a real race like his uncle. This was his opportunity! 

Rooster and Bird ready to cheer their brother on
And they're off!
Good start!
Coming down the first hill, still in the top 3 overall.
Appropriately named for 4th of July Weekend, the Firecracker Bishop's 5K had a decent turnout for a small-town race. I thought it was a good line-up for Bo's first time - enough competition to make it a race, but not so much that he felt overwhelmed.

On the home stretch, keeping with a pacing buddy.

Almost to the finish line!
Done! 3rd place in his age group, 9th overall!
Bo ended up finishing 3rd in his age group - ages 11-15 - and 9th overall! He learned a lot about pacing himself (having used up most of his energy in the beginning) and about pushing himself in the last stretch (he was pacing with another boy in his age group, who took off sprinting at the end to take 2nd in their group).

Overall, it was a big accomplishment for him. He has overcome so many personal battles to be able to participate in something like this. The glow of accomplishment is written all over his face. That's a beautiful thing for a mother to see!
The joy of a job well done.

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