Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun at Watoga State Park and the Greenbrier River Trail

a post by K-Bird
Me, in the lookout tower at Droop Mountain Battlefield

Last week we went camping at Watoga State Park in West Virginia, and it was fun. We went on a bike ride on a trail there.

Riding bikes is fun - especially on the Greenbrier River Trail!
We saw deer while we were on the bike ride.

While we were on the bike ride we saw deer by this cabin
The bike trail was named Greenbrier River Trail. It goes where the old railroad tracks used to be. The bike trail is almost 80 miles long, and we rode 10 miles of it. The fall leaves were beautiful.

It is such a beautiful trail!
This is me and Dad eating lunch
My brothers and I really enjoyed the bike ride
All the autumn scenery was so beautiful!
This is another beautiful scene
While we were on the trail mom's bike pedal fell off her bike. Dad came to fix it, but he couldn't, so mom had to walk. While mom was walking she almost stepped on a snake, but she didn't.

We also went on a hike while we were there, but our mom didn't come with us. So my dad and brothers and I went on the hike. We didn't see any animals on the hike, but at the cabin we saw more deer. It was fun.

This is a scary hike with Dad - it was getting dark
We were creeped out

We had a lot of fun hanging out around the cabin. We played board games and spent time reading.

Look, here's our cabin!
In the cabin with a Hexbug
In the cabin
We visited a civil war battlefield that was close by.

Walking down the steps of the Droop Mountain Battlefield Lookout Tower
My awesome brothers - Rooster and Bo
We also went on more hikes, and explored around the cabin.

On a hike
Pretty scenery from the hike
Rooster climbs over a fallen tree
More pretty fall colors
Looking up into the tops of the trees
Boo! I'm behind you!
Best buddies!
I'm gonna chop up some wood
Hanging out on the front porch of the cabin
It was a very fun trip. Maybe you should think about taking your family there sometime. I think you would like it.


  1. What a fun family time - the photos are lovely and we understand why you had such a great time. Our family did a lot of camping, too, and we always liked to hike in the woods. Sometimes we would get creeped out, too. (sometime we will tell you about the raccoons that scared Mrs. Ronk during the middle of the night!) Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! :o)

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your camping trip so much. It was a beautiful area that you visited. I enjoying seeing all the pictures you shared. The woods in the evening can be scary at times.thanks for sharing your fun story. Grandma Barbara

  3. Our family loves to camp! We try to camp at least 3 times a summer in Virginia State Parks. We always take our black lab, Kathie, with us. We have a Pop Up camper that is the home to lots of great memories for Ben and Anna.