Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Celebrating Rooster Boy

a post by Jenni {aka Mom}

{I am shamelessly stealing this idea from my friend Casey, who posts wonderful birthday tributes to her children. It’s great way for the distant family and old friends to know the highlights of the child’s current life & personality, and to enjoy a pictorial walk through their life thus far. I really, really enjoy looking at hers. Thanks for the idea, sister!}

Today we celebrate Rooster Boy 
(aka Rooster aka Zachary aka Zach-a-roo)

What you should know about Zach:
  • He finally discovered the love of reading and loves reading anything "real", but he still only admits to tolerating fiction. 
  • Despite his feelings towards fiction, he has one of the most vivid imaginations I have ever encountered. 
  • He devours biographies. He can’t seem to learn enough about history, especially anything having to do with great men or great battles.
  • Speaking of battles - he loves 'em. He loves to reenact them, make them up, stage them with army men, talk about them, read about them...
  • He has weapons stashed everywhere - hidden around the yard and in the house - he's always ready for an ambush.
  • His favorite war to study is the Civil War - and against all odds he's an avid Yankee all the way.
  • He loves to share his food - it's definitely part of his "love languages". Even when one gently declines a bite, one can tell that he's a little hurt.
  • He's a natural leader - he takes decisive command, and people follow.
  • Although he is not really a snuggler, he is surprisingly affectionate in so many other ways (and does get caught snuggling if he's in the mood).
  • He's the first one to wake up (besides Dad, of course)
  • He only has 2 volumes: loud and asleep
  • He only has 2 speeds: fast and asleep
  • Thankfully, in light of the last 3 points, he has learned to be more considerate and try not to wake everyone else up before our alarms (is the nickname Rooster ringing a bell for anyone here?).
  • He's very protective of those he loves, and sees it as his duty and enjoyment to take care of them.
  • He says that when he grows up he'll live in our house, because Daddy and I will be so old that he'll need to take care of us (we're still trying to explain that there's quite a season in the middle!).
  • He's a natural manager, who thrives on using lists and sticking to a routine. Sometimes he struggles to remember that he's not the boss, though.
  • He has known all the U.S. Presidents in order for years, and knows facts about them that I would have never cared to know. He even tracks their birthdays (what do you say when your son points out that it's James Garfield's birthday and asks if we ought to celebrate?).
  • His favorite treat is a cup of decaf coffee with Mom or Dad
  • He's extremely loyal
  • He's often caught doing unauthorized "science experiments" (aka making a huge mess).
  • He's still drawn to mud, worms, etc every bit as much as he was 10 years ago. If there's a puddle nearby, he'll be in it.
  • He loves the LORD, is a passionate intercessor, and has an enormous heart for the unsaved - so much so that it is often convicting to myself.
  • He is burdened to preach. He preaches to his army men, he preaches to his brothers, he preaches to the cats...the other day the boys were stacking firewood and he climbed the pile and stood preaching to the other two while they continued to work. 
  • He has a grateful, giving heart that warms and inspires those around him.
  • His handsome smile melts his momma. He's got me wrapped around his finger, and he knows it.
We are so grateful the LORD has blessed us with Zach for these 11 years, and we pray that many more lie ahead for us together. 

Happy Birthday, Rooster. We love you!

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  1. Happy birthday Rooster. I love this idea and being able to read about his likes and personality. Love you Zackary.
    Grandma Barbara