Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mom's new home office area

a post by Jenni {aka Mom}

My new office area!
Last fall we rearranged our living room, leaving one corner orphaned with only the piano and a pile of junk which needed to be sorted. Life went on, as life does, and while we intended to "do something" with that corner we never really got around to it. 

Prior to and during that time, I had a problem. I had no designated "Mom space" for grading, computer work, household paperwork, etc., so I had a little homeless "nest" of things that I moved around constantly throughout the day and had nowhere to to park at the end of the day. I'd work at the dining table a while, then clear it for a meal. I'd work at the kitchen counter for a while, then clear it to cook. I'd work in the quiet of my bedroom for a while, then clear it to make room for laundry or for my husband and I to go to bed. I'd work in the living room for a while, then clear it for worship. 

I was functioning okay this way, but I really wanted a more organized and preferably permanently located way to accomplish my work while still supervising the crew. I wanted a "home" for my "nest". 

My husband, Mike, suggested making a place for me in the orphan corner. I balked at the idea at first, thinking that it wouldn't look nice in the living room (and just inside the front door, no less!). However, the more we tossed out ideas, the better it sounded. So Hubby got to work, and here are the delightful results: 




I now have a place for everything, even if I do take some items to another room for a while, they have a home to return to. 

There's a basket on the floor beside my desk to hold my homemaking, school, and garden binders. 

The bird/butterfly boxes on the shelves were cheap finds at Ross, and are designated for current "to be graded" school papers, household papers that need to be dealt with, paperwork that pertains to the business Hubby & I are starting, and papers to be filed.

The shelving enabled us to move all these books out of bookcases that were cramping a hallway, and move those bookcases to Hubby's office (he'd had metal utility shelving before) freeing up the hallway. 



Hubby built the shelves, and stained them dark espresso brown. I adore the oak leaf trim he picked out! He installed them on a simple black bracket system, attached mainly to studs, of course.

We looked at many options for a desk, and ended up with this cherry desk from a used furniture store. It's a bit weathered, but hardwood and dovetailed - and it was less expensive than the the desks of the same size and much lower quality at Costco, Office Max, Staples, and the furniture stores.

The chair isn't what I originally wanted, but it's sturdy, comfortable, and cost me $15. I don't care that it doesn't match. I might refinish it one day, but it's not a priority.



The piano is now in the seating area, making the living room feel more complete and making it more comfortable to sing together without the pianist feeling isolated.

One of our old chairs needed to be replaced badly. We pulled my late grandmother's old wing-back out of the attic, purchased an inexpensive slipcover, and it fit right in.

Having this new office area has worked out beautifully for me so far! I can more efficiently accomplish desk tasks and keep track of current paperwork while still being present to supervise the crew. Hubby has the best ideas! :-)

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