Monday, August 27, 2012

Moments Caught Monday ~ 8/27/12

a post by Jenni {aka Mom}
Last week Bird, Rooster, and I enjoyed a walk together at a local parkway our family enjoys visiting. Down a short side trail is a pond which we had seen from afar but never visited. This day we veered off and spent quite a bit of time by the pond visiting with the almost disturbingly friendly geese, collecting empty snail shells, taking photos, playing with sticks, and enjoying the beautiful mild August weather. 

I love this shot of Bird beside the water watching flocks of geese swim by. The horizontal symmetry worked out nicely, and the photo feels as relaxing to me as that afternoon did (perhaps only because I was actually there, but hopefully it conveys the mood to others as well). 

I also thought this photo was neat. I was playing around with the aperture while taking photos of the snail shells the boys had brought me and this is one photo that resulted -- depicting the shells on the bench in the foreground and the boys by the pond picking up rocks and shells out of focus in the background. 


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