Monday, October 22, 2012

Moments Caught Monday ~ 10/22/12

a post by Bird
A little over a month ago we brought home our first chickens. They are pullets, which means they are older than chicks and don’t need the heat lamp any more but they are not adult hens and don’t lay eggs yet. We turned a shed on our property into a hen house, and they stayed in there the first few weeks. Dad and my brothers and I have been working on a run for the chickens. We finished last week, and then Dad cut a door in the side of the hen house so they could come into the run for the first time. As far as we know, this was their first time on the dirt and grass. They were nervous at first and they crowded around the doorway to look outside and over the edge. Finally a few brave pullets went outside. Eventually they all went out. They really enjoy being outside. The picture above was taken just after Dad had cut the hole and put on a ramp. The chickens were crowded around the door, looking curiously, and one of them flew out right when the picture was taken. It was really fun watching them go outside for the first time.

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