Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For 2012

a post by Jenni {aka Mom}
Over on my personal blog I've posted my 2012 list of thankfulness. This year I lovingly copied a friend and used the alphabet as my guide to think of 26 things to be thankful for. I've copied "C" through "G" below:

Caleb ~ I’m thankful for my youngest son. For his sense of humor, his laugh, his impersonations, and his tender heart. I’m thankful for how he covers me with a blanket on the occasion I fall asleep on the sofa. I’m thankful for his dry, sarcastic, wit. I’m thankful for his love for the Lord, his compassionate prayers for others, and his hunger for God’s Word. I’m thankful for his creativity, and the photography and other artistic things we do together. I’m thankful for his love of nature, and our mutual love of cooking.

Desserts ~ God didn’t have to give us taste buds, or the ability to enjoy the food we consume for energy. He didn’t have to give us honey or other treats, but He saw fit to do so. I’m thankful that enjoyment, when used rightly, is a precious gift that we can praise God for.

Electricity ~ The extended power outage this past summer helped remind me that things like this shouldn’t be taken for granted! I’m blessed to live in this age in a wealthy country like America, and I’m thankful for the modern inventions, tools, and conveniences that come with it. I have electricity, lots of clean water, hot water, appliances for cooking and cleaning, electric lights…our blessings are truly overflowing!

Farmers ~ I’m thankful that, despite ‘Big Ag’ and all that comes with it, there are still small, local farmers in America who proudly provide us with healthy meat, milk, eggs, and produce. I’m thankful to live so near local farms that I can spend the better part of my grocery budget there directly, and know right where our food comes from.

Genuine friendship ~ I’m thankful for the handful of friends God has blessed me with who are genuine, faithful, godly, loyal, and true. Those who love me despite my warts, whom I can trust implicitly, who share their hearts and lives with me, and who pray for me and point me ever towards Christ. What a rare, precious gift!

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