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Weekly Wrap-Up 12/15/2012

a post by Jenni {aka Mom}
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Somehow, in light of yesterday’s shooting, the events our little family experienced this week seem unimportant. On my personal blog I posted a few thoughts yesterday. My prayers are with the families affected, and my hope is that each will find true Comfort, Peace, and Hope in Christ through this tragic, heart-wrenching situation.

Tomorrow, I’ll take another one of my babies’ marbles from their jars. (If you’re not familiar with our marble tradition, read this old post.) I’ll thank God again for the precious moments I have shared with each of them this week. I’ll thank God that I was able to hug them in the morning, and didn’t have aching, empty arms and a jar of weeks that "could have been" like the parents of those killed at Sandy Hook. I’ll also beg God to help me treasure my children more, and mother them better. I’ll praise Him for restoring the years the locusts ate, and lifting me from past regrets. I’ll ask Him to continue to make me more like Christ, to continue to give me wisdom and guidance, and strength, and to guard me in His grace from making new regrets. To be a good steward of all the blessings He’s showered upon me - including my precious sons. I can never know how long I'll have them with me - or how long they'll have me with them. 


God give us homes!

Homes where the Bible is honored and taught;

Homes with the Spirit of Christ in their thought;

Homes that a likeness to heaven have caught.

          God give us homes!

          God give us homes!

Homes with the father in priest-like employ;

Homes that are bright with a far-reaching joy;

Homes where no world-stain shall come to annoy.

          God give us homes!

          God give us homes!

Homes there the mother is queen-like in love;

Ruled in the fear of the Savior above;

Homes that to youth most inspiring shall prove.

          God give us homes!

          God give us homes!

Homes with the children to brighten the hours;

Budding and blooming like beautiful flowers;

Places of sunshine - sweet, sanctified bowers.

          God give us homes!

{By J.R. Clements}

Taken from p. 21-22 of Verses of Virtue, compiled and edited by Elizabeth Beall Phillips

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