Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super Great Science Projects!!

I am so excited to introduce to you one of my new favorite people, Aurora Lipper!

Ms. Lipper is the director of Supercharged Science, a company that, for one thing, develops and produces science project kits that are out of this world.

Why are they so great? Each kit comes with all the materials needed to make the project, yet is made from items most people have around the house so if you have, say, 3 kids such as myself, you can order 1 kit and buy more supplies as needed. Even better than that - each kit comes with a DVD of Ms. Lipper teaching the concepts needed for the experiment and guiding your children through it step-by-step. In fact, most children can be handed the kit - in box - and return to you after a time with a completed project! Of course, I'm enough of a nerd that I will want to participate in every moment of robot-building, hovercrafting, sparks-flying, rocket-launching possible =)

Ms. Lipper didn't stop there, however, she also offer all sorts of other things from online science camp to a full homeschool science curriculum.

Don't miss her FREE Homeschool Science Guide or FREE Rocket Science E-Newsletter (which is so impressive! You receive a new science experiment or project each and every week that you can grab stuff from your kitchen & around the house for and experiment away! LOVE it!)

If you're a traditional schooler - don't feel left out! She also offers her kits (many of them $10 or less!!) as terrific options for science fair projects! Talk about simplifying science fair time - and the kids learn so much along the way, too!

Supercharged Science is just too awesome to be kept secret! Please spread the word - and visit the web site:

We'll be posting our best Supercharged Science projects as we complete them here on The Super Great Adventure.
Let us know what your favorties are, and what projects you've been working on =)

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