Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camping - According to K-Bird

Hello everyone!
Last week the whole family went camping at Claytor Lake. Even my mom. Claytor Lake is in Virginia and is a big lake with lots of camping spots beside it. It wasn't always a lake; it used to be just a river. Then a man named Mr. Claytor put up a dam there and made the lake. They use the dam to make electricity for the towns that are nearby. We went in the museum while we were there and learned about lakes, and saw a REAL fish skeleton!
There were lots of Daddy Long Legs spiders there, which my dad made me kill. That's because I'm the Spider Slayer now! When we first went camping I was scared of them, but Dad showed me how to kill one. He had his shoe and smooshed it. I did that job the rest of the trip. Dad said I could kill that kind and then I had to learn to kill the big fuzzy black spiders that jump. Mom found a black fuzzy spider while were were there and I smooshed it all by myself!
At night, while we were sleeping in our tent, Mom woke up becuase she heard a noise. It was crunching in the gravel and scratching on plastic. The next morning we saw little paw prints on the coolers and Mom said, "What type of animal made those prints?" Then Rooster and I said, "I don't know!" Then we figured out it was a raccoon because Dad and Bo said it was a raccoon.
While we were camping we also went to the beach that's on the lake. It was a nice one; there was sand just like at the ocean. People had to bring all that sand there! Usually when a lake is made, the beach is just all muddy, but sometimes people bring in lots and lots of sand to make it nice for swimming. We went swimming and we played in the sand. Rooster and Bo were making a sand castle. One of the days Dad even let us have ice cream from the little store that was at the beach!

I planned to build arrows out of wood, and right now I am almost done with one. I have to figure out which rock the indians used to make their arrowheads. But for right now I made my arrowhead out of wood. Also, Rooster was making a teepee out of sticks while we were camping.

We had so much fun, and if you had been with us we could have had even more fun! This was one more of our Super Great Adventures - the next adventure will be coming soon!


  1. Your aunt chivon would love to have a spider slayer around.
    Having sand by the lake would make it so much nicer. you guys look like you had a lot of fun. I like your wooden arrow head.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. It is good to see pic's of you. Wish you could stop by sometime on one of your Great Adventures!