Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camping - According to Rooster

Our camping trip was so fun! We got to see an ant trail. At first we didn't even notice it, because it looked like part of a regular trail. But at night a whole bunch of ants were on that little trail, going back and forth, all night long, working so hard. They went all the way to a tree stump. It was neat.

The lake was so fun. We got to swim in it, and we went fishing, but fishing was no fun. Only Bo caught a fish, and we had to wait a long, long time...which is "Boo-Hoo!"

The hike was fun, but it was long. I found my own walking stick. We saw different kinds of trees. Some of them were really tall, and some were only baby trees.

Also, we caught fireflies. A whole bunch of them! Dad cut holes in a plastic bottle, and we put the fireflies in there. During the day, fireflies just look black and orange, but at night we can see them flying around and glowing green.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your camping trip.
    When I was about your age I went to see my grandma in Missouri, my cousins and I caught fireflies. I had never seen fireflies before, we don't have them in Washington, I wish we did.
    Those are great pictures.