Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Six Ripe Bananas & A Very Thankful Heart

It all started with 6 ripe bananas.

I hadn’t planned to bake anything today, but there they sat -- past the point they would be eaten; just right for banana bread. Or a triple batch of chocolate chip banana muffins that could be individually frozen and used for breakfasts and snacks throughout the next couple weeks…!!

I haven’t baked much since May. So, bake them I must. I am home today, after all. I can multitask…right??

Now, since I haven’t baked much in 4 months our freezer supply of bread has long depleted and my family has been mostly without bread. So while I’m grinding the flour and getting the kitchen all hot, perhaps I should bake a batch of bread, too.

Of course, while I’m at it, it really isn’t that much more effort to make a quadruple batch of bread is it? Of course, one batch worth of dough should be reserved for cinnamon rolls. Yes, the family loves them -- and I haven’t made any in months.

I think you can see where this is headed.

A triple batch of muffins, dinner in the oven, and double batch of now-rising bread dough later, the grain mill is whirling out the flour for the rest of the bread, and I’m…NOT exhausted?!

I’m going to try not to get too excited here, and I’m certainly going to avoid over-doing it, yet the refreshing feeling of accomplishing a fair amount of work and not being completely spent is so friendly and familiar -- and has been greatly missed.

It’s an understatement to say that I’ve been struggling with my energy level these last several months. In recent history a day like today (which was formerly a weekly/bi-weekly affair) would have made me worthless for at least 24 hours, assuming I got it all done that day at all. My body has simply not been cooperating with my mind. BUT -- today it is!

Praise the Lord! Not only has He sustained me through the recent valleys, He has even more generously given me a refreshing day of good ole satisfying work (which was actually accomplished outside my imagination!). Not to mention all the other blessings I enjoy which he continues to pour out by His grace & mercy.

And three dozen chocolate chip banana muffins to boot.

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