Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spontaneous Field Trip - Creation Museum

Museum photo op :-)
Recently we made an impromptu trip to the Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area. My husband had taken the younger two boys back in January, and had taken our oldest son to the Apologetics Mega Conference that was held there this summer, so everyone had gotten to see the museum, except me. *pouts*

(Not really pouting – I was actually quite happy with my time while they were away – I really like accomplishing things I don’t have time for otherwise!)

Pouting or not, I was very excited to go this time.

We really, really enjoy the photo op as you enter the museum! (see top photo) As some sub-set of our family has been through multiple times, it's become a fun challenge to invent new ways to pose for the "scary" pose. I love how my husband is rising to defend us :-) I also love the low prices to purchase the photos afterward - it's extremely reasonable for a touristy-type thing - and I love that they offer all your poses on a CD along with the rights to reprint and post online. Good thinking!

One resource offered by the museum is a schedule of workshops for children. The boys had already attended two, so we looked at the museum’s schedule online and planned our visit during a time in which a workshop they had not completed was being offered.

On this occasion, they participated in a fossil workshop. 


In this workshop they learned about the process of fossilization (which we studied last school year, so it was great reinforcement!) and were able to see and hold a LOT of fossils. 

They also made necklaces from fossilized sharks’ teeth. 

I think many, if not all of the children’s workshops at the Creation Museum include a project or craft that the child is able to take home with them. 

The workshops are all complete with a presentation of the Gospel message. I was very impressed with the program overall. 

I was also impressed with the museum itself. 

This realistic robotic model is uber creepy!
Bo reading about how life lines up according to God's working
Rooster and Bird check read about the history of God's Word
Rooster - aka Mr. Serious and thoughtful
Bo and a pre-fall dinosaur
The boys do an interactive activity inside Noah's ark
It was high quality, interactive, and thoughtfully put together. 

The planetarium was by far my favorite part (even though I had to close my eyes during portions of the shows to keep from getting motion sick!). It was breathtaking. Digital planetariums are so much more vivid than the more traditional “pin-point” planetariums, and hearing a presentation which lines up with the historical truth of God’s Word is both refreshing and worshipful. Our God truly is amazing!

Additionally, the talks and shows offered were wonderful and very edifying. We enjoyed listening to Dr. Purdom expound on the biology of the white blood cell - sounds boring, but it was glorious and fascinating! The boys were even able to follow the presentation, and learn from it.

The Creation Museum's gardens are absolutely beautiful. 

Out in the beautiful gardens
across the floating bridge
Daddy, Bird, and Rooster out on the walk through the gardens
They provided a nice place for our picnic lunch, and a nice walk afterward. (Although all the food in Noah's Cafe smelled fantastic, I had already packed our lunch. Daddy did make sure he and the boys got a Bruster's Ice Cream while we were there - and I had a skinny latte from the coffee shop downstairs.)

The petting zoo was a lot of fun - the boys had not been able to really enjoy it on their previous trips (Rooster and Bird had been there in the winter, and when Bo was there it was for the conference so he and Daddy really didn't have time to do everything at the museum). 

A petting zoo is a petting zoo, I know - I do need to point out that this one was exceptionally clean with exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable staff and wonderfully friendly animals as well as unusual animals such as a Zonkey, a Zorse, and wallabies.

Bird feeding a llama at the petting zoo - looks like it tickles!
Bo really enjoyed feeding and petting the Zorse and the Zonkey (as did I - they were super sweet and friendly and full of personality!)
The goats were overly eager to get their snacks - Bird was trying to ration his handfuls evenly
Bo feeding one of the eager goats
Rooster was mainly interested in feeding the chickens...birds of a feather??
We really enjoyed our family time together, and all we did and saw on the trip. I highly recommend at least one visit to the Creation Museum – from the exhibits to the shows to the gardens to the zoo, it is all-in-all a wonderful and edifying experience.

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  1. What a great trip you all had together! Our family was a charter member for the Creation Museum. It was very exciting to go down and see it during the building stage. I loved the museum picture of your family!